"Epi-V helps their investee companies become global market leaders through active involvement in their businesses."
Patrick Keenan, CEO of Guardian Global Technologies

About the Company

Guardian Global Technologies (Guardian) is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of advanced Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS™) for the oil and gas industry.  BDS is an integrated platform, which includes industry-leading release and cable head tension tools, gun brakes, shock absorbers, powered swivel joints, and Guardian’s select fire switch - everything from the cable head to the detonator interface.

The system has specific application in oil and gas horizontal shale wells, and enables clients to deliver (and retrieve) perforating guns, and other ballistics devices, on-depth, orientated, and safely fired. Perforating guns can be deployed in a configuration optimised for operational requirements (individually or in combinations of up to 100 stages).

In addition, Guardian has an extensive product catalogue of production logging tools, used to measure within a wellbore variables such as pressure, temperature and flow, all of which are used in monitoring hydrocarbon production.

Guardian, headquartered in Wales, United Kingdom, was established in 2003. The company has an international business focus, with sales and service centres located in the UK, US and China. The technology is deployed by major oil and gas operators and service providers worldwide.

Deal Information

Epi-V sourced this deal by capitalizing on its strong industry network. The core focus of the investment strategy is to secure greater market penetration by fully commercialising Guardian's broad product portfolio and aligning further technology development to the changing needs of the oil and gas industry.

Epi-V works closely with management to extract full value from Guardian’s impressive product portfolio by introducing the rigorous business development, marketing, and financial disciplines required to increase its share of a worldwide market.

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