"True innovators – they live and breath the industry."
Steve Bruce, CEO, Darcy

About the Company

Darcy develops and manufactures a unique downhole sand control system to maximise oil and gas production.

Darcy’s key product is the Matrix Management System: a sand screen and inflow control technology which uses hydraulic force applied from the surface to change the shape of pressure chambers within screen sections. The pressure applied to the producing reservoir prevents the migration of sand into the production system.

The Matrix Management System provides higher flow rate capability, significant improvement in collapse resistance and lowers installation risks by utilising surface activation. This technology is capable of adding substantial value to a well and represents a step-change in sand management which has historically been complex, operationally intensive, costly and inefficient.

Deal Information

Epi-V established Darcy as a new business. The fund invested in a multi-million pound package of growth capital to support the business’s engineering development, proof of concept and full commercialisation stages. Epi-V established Darcy’s office and product development facility in Aberdeen and recruited new management. The fund provided Darcy’s infant technology with access to a high quality design team and state of the art manufacturing facilities from an existing portfolio investment.

Through the fund’s value creation methodology, Epi-V has grown Darcy to drive the commercialisation and internationalisation of this disruptive sand management system in a market valued at an estimated £600 million worldwide.

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