Guardian Global Technologies (Guardian) Successfully Deploys First Multi-Stage Perforating Switch

Successful deployment of SFS by Shengli Oilfield.

Guardian, the leading supplier of specialist Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS)™ equipment to the worldwide oil and gas industry, announced today (Monday, 14th April) that, with the successful introduction of the Guardian Select Fire Switch (SFS)™, the company has entered the perforating switch market.

BDS allows clients to deliver (and safely retrieve) their perforating guns, whether deployed singly or in combinations of up to 100 guns in a single string, on-depth, orientated, and safely fired in whichever configuration suits. Guardian provides everything required for perforating — from the cablehead to the detonator — on a single integrated simple-to-operate platform.

The switches have been successfully deployed and fired by the Shengli Oil Field Services Company. The Shengli Oil Field is the second-largest oil field in the People’s Republic of China with daily production of approximately 650,000 barrels.

Guardian, headquartered in the United Kingdom, was established in 2003, and, with the backing of the private equity firm, EPI-V, and the additional financial support of the Welsh Government, has grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer of Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS) for the oil and gas service industry, supplying all of the major companies in the sector.

"The successful deployment of SFS by Shengli Oilfield is a significant advance in Guardian’s defining the field-of-play for Ballistics Delivery Systems worldwide. From our engineering and manufacturing headquarters in the UK, Guardian has been able to revolutionise the means by which our clients help oil and gas operators perforate their horizontal wells. We are continuing to develop technologies that will further enhance the Ballistics Delivery System in the future."

Patrick Keenan, Guardian Chief Executive Officer
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