Guardian announces exclusive partnership with GEODynamics

Partnership accelerates adoption of industry leading Select Fire Switch (SFS)™ in US perforating markets.

Guardian Global Technologies and GEODynamics Inc. are delighted to announce that that they have entered into an agreement whereby GEODynamics will be the sole distributor of the Guardian Select Fire Switch (SFS)™ in the United States.

The partnership will increase adoption of Guardian’s Select Fire Switch (SFS)™ in the US market, providing an increased number of operators with state of the art technology, ensuring that engineers do not have to switch between multiple systems thereby minimising delays and confusion during perforating operations.

GEODynamics is the industry’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of engineered solutions used in oil and gas well perforating. GeoDynamics uses proven technology to help operators and service companies complete more profitable wells. The Company has been listed on the ASX since 2002.

Guardian’s SFS technology is the safest and most advanced select fire switch available on the market today. It can be deployed seamlessly with Guardian’s range of Ballistics Delivery System (BDS)™ products. BDS enables clients to safely deliver and retrieve perforating guns (and other ballistics devices) deployed singularly or in combinations of up to 100 units, on-depth, orientated, and fired in a configuration optimised for the clients’ operational requirements.

"We are delighted to have entered into this agreement with GEODynamics. Their skilled sales force and strategically located distribution centres will enable us to deploy the SFS technology quickly to clients in all major US shale basins. We look forward to a long relationship with GEODynamics."

Patrick Keenan, Guardian’s Chief Executive Officer

"GEODynamics is excited about representing and distributing the Guardian Select Fire Switch. The growing demand for multi-zone perforating and ‘Plug and Perf’ operations provides exceptional timing for this product introduction into US markets."

David Wesson, GEODynamics’ Chief Executive Officer
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