Darcy and Statoil deploy Darcy sand control system in industry first

Darcy’s Endurance Hydraulic Screen® technology successfully installed for Statoil

Statoil and Darcy has achieved an ‘industry first’ through the safe and successful installation of a 6 5/8” Endurance100® Hydraulic Screen systemin the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.  In this application, the mature field faces challenges associated with continuous pressure depletion and reduced margins for pumping ‘traditional’ open hole gravel packs.

Darcy Hydraulic Screen® technology provides Statoil with effective ‘pump free’ sand control and increased operational efficiency; completion operations are simplified and logistics removed, saving both time and cost.

Integrating with Statoil’s completion equipment suppliers, Darcy’s system was deployed to TD, the 3rd party hanger set and hydraulic screens activated in one simple step; the setting process taking less than 1hr rig time.  A reservoir isolation barrier was closed and tested successfully prior to pulling out of hole, ready for upper completion operations to commence.  Completion operations are now complete and production data will confirm overall job success.

Darcy and Statoil both recognise this as a major milestone and industry first, using Hydraulic Screen technology as the primary sand control system in a low bottom-hole pressure and logistically challenged environment.

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