"They have invaluable experience spanning from the depths of the reservoir up to the boardroom."
Richard Steward, LDC

Epi-V is a private equity firm providing growth capital to companies in the energy sector.

Headquartered in the UK, Epi-V seeks out commercial opportunities within upstream oil and gas services to deliver growth and exceptional returns for our investments and shareholders.

Through our investments we play an active role in developing dynamic businesses and technology-based application solutions which will meet the present and future challenges of oil and gas production.

Since 2007, we have invested in oil field services technology, providing capital, industry insight and commercialisation competence to companies targeting growth markets in the global upstream sector. We specialise in sourcing, structuring and syndicating non-auction, off-market transactions with high growth potential.

We seek to make investments between $3m and $15m (£2m and £10m).

Investment focus

Our proven investment model enables management teams to leverage our collective business growth experience and deep industry insight for superior returns.

We assist our portfolio to develop and commercialise intellectual property, align technical development to market needs and implement the marketing strategy necessary to drive sales.

Technology focused.

Epi-V is an industry leader in identifying and developing innovative technologies capable of cost-effectively exploiting complex reservoirs, deeper water, unconventional sources and mature fields. Epi-V partners with high impact technology companies which provide services to producers worldwide.

Accelerated Business Growth.

Epi-V provides capital which can be deployed incrementally to fund commercial development, support international growth strategies and increase acquisition opportunities. Through strategic and operational support, Epi-V works with management teams to build scale in their business and create a structure capable of supporting rapid and sustainable growth.

People orientated.

Built on a partnership model Epi-V takes an active approach to deploying growth capital. We work closely with management teams to leverage our collective business growth experience and in depth industry insight.

Industry expertise.

Epi-V has one of the most qualified teams of fund managers, partners and advisors in the energy space. Each member has on average over 35 years of experience in building businesses which deliver measurable improvement to oil and gas production and extraction.

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